Stephen Prendergast

Stephen Prendergast
  • Title: co-founder of FutureEQ
  • Company: Future EQ


Stephen is a co-founder of FutureEQ, an insights consultancy that uses deep understanding of now to propel clients successfully into the future.

He is well known for his innovative research designs and thoughtful use of mathematical and statistical models as a bridge to better decision making. He has applied these methods in a variety of decision areas including customer service and loyalty studies, advertising response, brand equity tracking and time series analysis, customer segmentation, data mining and demand estimation models including choice modelling, conjoint and simulated test markets.

He is also Managing Director of Prescience Research, a Melbourne based marketing research and data modelling consultancy which has operated since 2004. He has had a 33 year career in marketing research and management consulting.

In 2018 Stephen was elected as a Fellow of the Research Society and at the conference that year won best paper as co-author of a presentation with Darren Pennay.



Co-Speaker: Elisa Adams

There’s no doubt that the insights industry faces an existential threat. But oftentimes the problem is framed in an isolated manner, as if insights is somehow separate from the very businesses that need to value what it has to offer. It is important to not lose sight of the fact that marketing itself is challenged. These challenges include a loss of control over “ownership of the customer” and the inability to provide solid business cases for marketing investment.

Insights fits into this broader ecosystem and for it to earn a seat at the advisory table it needs to appreciate what powers participation in the game.

Brand equity promised much in its early days to assist the CMO to demonstrate the value of marketing. A variety of reasons underpin why it has not generally been successfully operationalized.

New methods for brand equity measurement and modelling, however, provide an opportunity to move forward. A variety of case examples sourced in a variety of industries such as fashion and telecommunications will be used to illustrate the ideas.

Importantly, insights is well placed to implement brand equity centric models and in so doing help marketing to justify its value creating role.


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