Mike Welling

Mike Welling
  • Title: CEO & Founder
  • Company: WEJUGO


I am a passionate adventurer, biologist and environmental advocate.

I’ve always believed that to protect wilderness areas you need a way to place a value on them. I believe that community participation in responsible outdoor recreation reinforces the human value of wild places. The most valued things in life are the ones you have a close personal connection to.

I’ve also been commercialising technology solutions for 20+ years and know the transformative value of data and technology. I founded Wejugo to apply this knowledge to the natural resources sector.

We’ve created a digital experience platform that allows the outdoor community to develop meaningful relationships with outdoor brands and destination marketers. We’re also using data to measure the impact that tourism has on our economy, society and environment.

I believe the contribution we are making will help towards the long-term protection of our wilderness areas, improve the safety of outdoor activities and reduce the impacts of over-tourism.

This is particularly important as we enter into a new era of post COVID-19 tourism and outdoor recreation recovery.



WEJUGO is a geospatial analytics company based in Sydney. We have 3 aspects to our business: analytics consulting to large enterprises to help them with digital transformation and data commercialisation; we have launched an out door programmatic billboard ‘audience evaluation’ solution for QMS – called Dynamiq – to help them determine the price of each 15 minute time increment based on telco data; and we have just launched a tourism and retail monitoring solution to track mobility and spend across Australia – called Hemisphere – based on a whole range of big data sets – including transactions, telco and sentiment.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the new data landscape – new compliance and ethics standards – and the need for open and transparent practices. I will talk to this via our new product launch Hemisphere. Hemisphere came into being via a government initiative to fill in the gaps in the data landscape to better understand tourism and retail trends in near real time.

The solution called for a novel way to combine and centralise disparate data sets – as well as deliver governance, security and ethics.

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