Mark Solonsch

Mark Solonsch
  • Title: Customer Research Lead (and Chair, Neurodiversity Network)
  • Company: Medibank


Mark has been an insights professional for 30 years, on all sides – client, research agency and marketing – working and consulting for major brands including Medibank, GE and ANZ.  He was also the youngest bookie ever on the racecourse, wrote a book on gambling, has been playing lawn bowls since his junior athletics career ended abruptly, and is a mad Richmond fan.

Those non-work aspects become relevant once you learn that Mark is neurodiverse.  He was diagnosed with Aspergers in his early 40s and last year he “came out” at Medibank (you can read that article here). One of the common characteristics of Aspies are their “special interests”, hence the relevance of all the sports!

This year, Mark has formed a new organisation – Believe:NeuroDiversity – to highlight the strengths of neurodiversity to improve the outcomes for neurodiverse people. Neurodiversity is variations in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental functions.  Believe:NeuroDiversity represents a range of neurodiverse people such as those with autism/Aspergers, ADHD and dyslexia.


Join industry leaders from around the world as they discuss the key drivers of growth and creativity in research.


Mark Solonsch, President,

Emily Elsworth, Vice President

Jane Collopy, Executive Officer

Neurodiversity is common in market research.  So, what is it? How can you create a culture that supports neurodiversity? And how can you get the best from your neurodiverse employees?

In this workshop…

– You will learn the basics of neurodiversity

– We will challenge you to Believe in the power of different thinking

– We will show you how focusing on the strengths of neurodiveristy brings increased productivity

– You’ll hear Mark’s story…from pissing everyone off to winning awards

– and from Emily… You can’t tell, but I have ADHD – I can produce three times the quality of work, in a third of the time, if you would just tell me what you need!

– And “You can’t ask that!”… Yes, you can! Please ask us anything at all.

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