Emily Elsworth

Emily Elsworth
  • Title: Vice President
  • Company: Medibank





Mark Solonsch, President,

Emily Elsworth, Vice President

Jane Collopy, Executive Officer


Neurodiversity is common in market research.  So, what is it? How can you create a culture that supports neurodiversity? And how can you get the best from your neurodiverse employees?

In this workshop…

– You will learn the basics of neurodiversity

– We will challenge you to Believe in the power of different thinking

– We will show you how focusing on the strengths of neurodiveristy brings increased productivity

– You’ll hear Mark’s story…from pissing everyone off to winning awards

– and from Emily… You can’t tell, but I have ADHD – I can produce three times the quality of work, in a third of the time, if you would just tell me what you need!

– And “You can’t ask that!”… Yes, you can! Please ask us anything at all.

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