Anne-Marie Moir

Anne-Marie Moir
  • Title: Head of Innovation
  • Company: Lewers


Anne-Marie Moir is Head of Innovation at Lewers Research and Head of Lewers bots division: Research by Bot. She won the 2018 Global ESOMAR Innovation Award for her AMSRS paper ‘Can AI add to the quality or speed of qualitative research methods? In 2019 she presented a paper at ESOMAR Macau ‘Let them speak’ a trial of voice technology for big little qual, and in March of 2020 she will co-present with Telstra at ESOMAR New Delhi on ‘Giving Voice to the Voiceless’ which will examine AI-powered voice surveys as an alternative survey format for commercial research.



A comparison between voice bots and chat bots

Voice bots and chat bots are emerging new research methods which have the potential to become major players in the MR scene over the coming decade. They both leverage similar AI powered technology and offer a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to other online and human-moderated approaches. However, there is a key difference between these two bots in how respondents interact with them– using voice only or using a keyboard.

In this presentation we will take an identical survey built on a bot platform and conduct a parallel study with one sample asked to complete the survey by voice using voice invocation instructions. A matching sample would be asked to complete the survey using a chat format via a hyperlink.

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