RDA Research

RDA Research

RDA Research is a Sydney-based data analytics agency providing geoTribes branded solutions to the market research industry. Our two main products are geoTribes needs-based segments and the geoTribes explorer geoanalytics platform. geoTribes segments are used by insights managers, researchers and panel providers to assist with…

1.Determining sample representativeness
2.Stratifying samples to increase efficiency and weighting back to the population
3. Survey-to-survey data fusion as hooks representing multiple underlying dimensions
4. Analysing survey responses in terms of underlying needs
5. Linking survey findings with media planning systems, database analytics and geospatial profiling
6. Linking survey findings to campaign development and execution

RDA also geospatially projects survey research databases and publishes the findings into our geoTribes Explorer geoanalytics platform for easy access by analysts and planners in client organizations. Clients can use the Explorer for mapping, trade area analysis and prioritization of opportunities across retail networks. This works particularly well for survey measures like Strategic Segments, Vulnerable Groups, Brand Affiliations, Category Drivers, Values, Attitudes & Lifestyles and Media Consumption.

For more information please visit https://rdaresearch.com/geotribes/
Contact Robert Dommett [0488425055], robert@rdaresearch.com

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