Colmar Brunton

Colmar Brunton

100+ Specialists, 30+ Years’ experience 

Colmar Brunton is one of Australia’s largest and most agile customised market and social research and evaluation companies.  Passionate about making a difference, we help our clients make the big decisions with confidence.   Inspiring them to deliver better products, services, policies and communications.   Always bringing an informed opinion through insightful stories that are concise and easy to digest.

Our team of senior qualitative and quantitative research experts are placed close to our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Connecting organisations to people through insights.

We dig deeper.   Drawing individuals, tribes and communities out of the background to where they can be seen, heard and understood.  Leveraging the cultural and social context through our Millennium Monitor, to understand the past, explain the current and predict the future.

We work our evidence-based insights harder.  Creating a single picture that provides clear direction.   Identifying opportunities to shape insight-led strategies and initiatives that make a difference.

Empowering action and results.

Combining innovative thinking, critical reflection and strategic guidance to future proof organisations.   Bringing relevant functions out of their silos to turbo-charge their efforts and optimise ROI.

Telephone: +61 2 8873 0888


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