Vasha Azoor

Vasha Azoor
  • Title: Account Director
  • Company: Potentiate


Vasha is a dynamic and passionate CX and insights professional with 10+ years experience and a high degree of technical knowledge in research and analytics.

She has been leading CX programs, for Potentiate, for the past three years and loves the challenges of using data to bring human experiences on the frontline back to head office to initiate change.

Her documented contribution to customer centric business transformation, working with high performing brands, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Coca Cola and L’Oréal means she always has a fresh perspective to share.

Vasha is always excited about innovation.  Working at the forefront of change with Potentiate, using technology to bring human experience to our clients.

She feels there has never been a better environment for technological change to improve market research and implementation of our research findings.



Co-presenters: Ben Sullivan

Do any of these signs of aging tell you that you need to put your CX into retirement?

– SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS: Wait too long to send the survey?

– BLINDNESS Sent the same survey over and over to the regular customer?

– DEMENTIA Have forgotten who they are? Do you personalize?

– DEAFNESS: If they have a specific issue, do you let them know they have been heard?

– EXHAUSTION Does your survey cause “survey fatigue.” ?

– NOT NOW, I’M HAVING MY DINNER Do you send the survey to the customer at the right time?

– SCORES AS SHAMEFUL AS INCONTINENCE Are your satisfaction scores hidden in a report or on stage for the world to see?

– I CAN’T GET OUT OF MY CHAIR driving change when everyone has gotten stuck can be a challenge.

Our client will talk about how they did things differently and moved ahead from the well established program. Learn how we used techniques from the school of behavioural economics to bring vigour and youth to the CX program


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