Stijn Poffe

Stijn Poffe
  • Title: Director, Consulting| InSites Consulting Direction First
  • Company: InSites Consulting Direction First

Stijn graduated as a master in Applied Economics at the University of Leuven, Belgium and as a master in General Management at the Vlerick Business School. Stijn has been working at the InSites Consulting HQ (Belgium) for more than 8 years, where he was leading one of the research teams. He has cross-sector experience, but his main focus has been on FMCG and Retail.

In Europe, Stijn managed accounts such as Ferrero (HQ and Germany), Danone & Herbalife. He joined the Sydney team recently and has experience in both qualitative as well as quantitative research. Stijn loves discovering the ‘why’ behind people’s behaviour, but what drives him the most is connecting the dots between research and marketing and helping brands and companies in their future growth.

With a passion for market research and marketing consulting, Stijn is a frequently asked guest lecturer at universities as well as an internal trainer for the InSites Consulting proprietary Academy. He’s also a world explorer, car enthusiast, wannabe photographer and serious watch addict.

Conversational Research, Bots versus researchers

Co-Presenters: Rashna Shroff

We are on a mission to bring the edge back to consumer research. We want to be prove how research can be fast, cost effective and scalable – how? By using chat bots to take over the heavy lifting. We are running an experiment to hand over the reigns of a live research project to some very clever bots.

We have chosen to explore this in a fight to the death. In this piece of exclusive research that will be presented for the first time, we will be pitting a human researcher with many years of experience up against a piece of technology.

Our experiment: a simple A/B test of a real life case from Australia, answering the ultimate question that many across the communications industry are asking themselves: can a bot do my job? Who will win? Will the human bring their emotional perpsective, and years of experience to make this project a strong success? Or will the bot use it’s relentless research skills, having no need for a break or a weekend to power through the project in a fraction of the time?

In this fight to the death of human vs machine, we will explore a real business case in Australia that puts a human and a chat bot head to head in the ultimate fight to the death. The approach is tradtional qual moderation online versus BOT lead moderation, we will be comapring the depth of the insights built in a human versus bot test, using a real cleint challenge Join us for this exciting tale, and a find out if a bot could one day do your job!