Sally Lim

Sally Lim
  • Title: Research Consultant| InSites Consulting Direction First
  • Company: InSites Consulting Direction First

Sally graduated with a double degree in Commerce and Science majoring in Finance and Psychology at the University of New South Wales. Sally joined Direction First – InSites Consulting in 2016, with an initial focus on qualitative research, and branching out to quantitative methods. She is experienced in online research communities across categories including food, retail, and healthcare, working for the likes of Ferrero AUS. She is driven by her passion for innovative use of technology and consumer-centric marketing approaches. Sally frequently brings her Psychology knowledge into client projects and hopes to utilise this to better understand the reasons behind consumers’ behaviours and thoughts. She is fascinated by the evolving technology space and is excited to see how this will shape the future generations. In her spare time, Sally loves cooking leisurely, going on coastal walks, and discovering the latest trends on Instagram.


The next episode of Black Mirror: “The future of market research”


How many of you own a Fitbit, or use ‘My Health’ or ‘Google Fit’ on your phone? As you know, there currently exists many apps and wearables which track specific metrics such as your spending, sleeping patterns, and health. Now imagine this, instead of needing to maneuver different apps and wearables, all metrics that you’d like to monitor are captured by a chip that is planted in your hand. And on top of this, the chip can capture all elements like emotions, behaviours, products used, advertisement exposure. This might sound like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’, but in reality, this is already occurring…this is the future of behavioural data. Now what if I told you, your data would be shared to help brands develop tailored products for you; you would remain anonymous, and it wouldn’t affect your daily life, but in the background, your data is being captured and aggregated with thousands of others to be used for commercial purposes. Would you agree to this? Probably no right?…Now, what if I told you that you’ll receive a sum of money in return?…So the question we’d like to ask the audience is, what’s YOUR price of privacy?