Raechel O’Dwyer

Raechel O’Dwyer
  • Title: Manager Customer Insights Program| Yarra Valley Water
  • Company: Yarra Valley Water

Raechel asks a lot of questions! She is super curious, a people watcher and critical thinker, always seeking to understand. A natural explorer and storyteller, finding the connection and making meaning for people to relate emotionally with data and insight.

In her role managing the insights program at Yarra Valley Water, Raechel empowers business performance with an inquisitive mindset, a challenging stance and collegial demeanour. She has shaped the direction and evolution of research and insight for both Yarra Valley Water and the industry at large; leading both to the forefront of market intelligence.

Raechel is all about people, to understand, to connect and motivate and to inspire action.

Customer effort – Is it as important as we think?

Co-Presenter- Richard Frost

Customer effort research has been shown to be a solid predictor of customer loyalty but there are instances where reducing customer effort has little impact or may be detrimental to a brand. The latest research from Quantum and Yarra Valley Water build a case for focusing on demonstrating ‘organisational’ effort and the importance this plays in driving positive outcomes across different industries.