Pip Stocks

Pip Stocks
  • Title: Founder
  • Company: Hearsay


Pip is the Founder of Hearsay a platform that helps businesses integrate their customer conversations, improving their CX and CEO & Founder of BrandHook, a brand & customer experience consultancy. She has have a passion for helping her clients make better business decisions anchored in the voice of real people and works with clients such as Museums Victoria, CUB, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Porter Davis, Zoos Victoria, South East Water and AMP and ad agencies such as The Fuel Agency, Brands to Life and VCCP.

After starting her career in London working in agencies such as Saatchi’s and Grey Advertising in London running the Global Procter & Gamble brands like Hugo Boss and Cover Girl, she went client side and was appointed Marketing Manager to launch a new Virgin business, Virgin Energy, a Richard Branson start-up.  She is a regular industry commentator and contributor to the CMO & CEO Magazines, Ihas produced & hosted 2 Podcast series and is a Business Mentor at Rare Birds. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), a Bachelor of Psychology.



Panel: Jee Moon

Investment in big data has dominated most businesses when trying to understand the customer and brand experience.  In today’s world, there has been a big pendulum swing towards the quantitative data with most businesses making decisions solely on the dashboards of big data.   Although this frames what is going on in an organisation, it delivers a very rational of view of the user and we have seen evidence of this in recent Royal Commissions.

Historically, the gathering of ‘the why’, the qualitative investigation, has been expensive, slow and outsourced to traditional research agencies.   A cost-effective way to solve problems, develop market relevant ideas, ideate quickly and feel more connected to the customer has not been available to clients until now.

Key Content Points:

1. The clients view on why ‘thick data’ is important in their business

2. The trials & tribulations when asking brand and marketing teams to talk to customers themselves

3. Examples of the benefits of clients doing it themselves


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