Phil Guarisco

Phil Guarisco
  • Title: Executive Director
  • Company: Lewers


Phil joined the Lewers team in early 2011 with prior leadership roles at agencies in Brisbane and Melbourne.

With 15 years’ experience in the research industry, Phil has been responsible for looking after some of Australia’s biggest brands across industries, including telecommunications, energy, banking and retail. This includes witnessing and driving the evolution of tracking research since the early 2000s.

Consistent with the philosophy of Lewers, Phil has an insatiable appetite for seeking out and implementing new technology to achieve the best outcomes for his clients.


The death knell of tracking research has been sounding for the past ten years, so surely the next ten years will see its complete demise? Not so fast!

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ – Peter Drucker

In a research environment obsessed with innovation for innovation’s sake, tracking is seen by some as old school and boring. Not because they don’t provide value, but because our failure to evolve reinforces notions of the ‘outdated’ tracker. We will be faced with a ‘survival of the fittest’ situation where only those trackers that provide clear ROI will survive.

We will demonstrate a clear framework for successful tracking facing into 2030

1. Re-branding ‘Tracking’

2. ‘Set and forget’ tracking will be the first to go

3. The shrinking ‘core’ – integrating bolt-on innovation

4. Relationships matter

5. Cool ‘toys’ are not a substitute for solid market research practice

Tracking will never die; it will simply morph into a higher state of being. Getting us there requires agency ingenuity and client vision.


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