Peter Fairbrother

Peter Fairbrother
  • Company: Faster Horses


Peter is … a customer experience research expert,  with broad experience in quantitative and qualitative approaches.  He has been based in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and London in both client and agency roles. His main areas of expertise include customer satisfaction and CX, advertising and communications development and in-market assessment, brand strategy and stakeholder consultation.

Peter sits on the Advertising Effectiveness Council of iab Australia, and is on the advisory board of KOMO, a customer engagement specialist.

Peter has experience in … a very broad range of sectors including energy and utilities, financial services and insurance, telecommunications, travel and tourism, FMCG, public sector, policy development, manufacturing, property development.

Classifies himself as …  direct and provocative, but thoughtful and reliable.


Market research is at an existential cross-roads. Our core survey data collection capability is under threat from declining response rates and consumer distrust of opinion polling. Management consultants are moving on to our patch. And yet there is an explosion in the amount of data that consumers create as they search, browse, tweet, exercise, ok google and transact.

To stay relevant and provide higher quality data to clients, market researchers need to combine the data that consumers generate (social media, wearables, entertainment, transactions) with traditional survey data at the individual level – for a fair value exchange.

This paper describes how Faster Horses has developed an app that enables consumer-citizens to monetise their data and create a ‘data income’ for themselves – and how transactional and social media data is combined with survey data in a single app.

A case study shows how first year students at a leading university in Australia were ‘onboarded’ into uni life by sharing insights generated from their data and survey responses. It highlights how the uni was able to drive deeper engagement with new students at the most critical juncture in their educational lives – the transition from high school to uni.

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