Melissa Gill

Melissa Gill
  • Title: Managing Partner|The Behavioural Architects
  • Company: The Behavioural Architects

Melissa joined The Behavioural Architects Sydney in 2013. She joined after a 15 year career in marketing and advertising where she worked in a range of global agencies and companies, helping clients to define and execute growth strategies for their brands.

Melissa’s career has been driven by a fascination with behaviour, how best to understand it and influence it. Prior to joining The Behavioural Architects, she returned to university to deepen her knowledge on the scientific understanding of behaviour, and in doing so discovered the world of Behavioural Economics.

Melissa believes that Behavioural Economics not only helps to better define the behavioural problem by giving us a more realistic view of behaviour, but is also instrumental in developing behavioural strategies and interventions to influence the desired behaviour.

Over the last 5 years Melissa has worked on hundreds of behaviour change projects, developing expertise in a wide range of categories across both the public and private sectors. In every instance, Behavioural Insights have delivered a deeper understanding of behaviour and subsequently more effective behavioural strategies for clients.

The Real Story Ends in Landfill: Using Behavioural Insights to reduce the amount of unrequested goods sent from Australia during times of humanitarian crises in the Pacific

Despite the good intentions of those who send unrequested goods to humanitarian crises zones, the global evidence shows that in reality, unrequested goods actually result in significant negative impacts on the disaster zone.

In June 2017, the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) – with the support of the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) – briefed The Behavioural Architects on a behavioural research project to try and reduce the number of unrequested goods sent from Australia.