Mehdi Khallouk

Mehdi Khallouk
  • Title: Research Director| Bastion Latitude
  • Company: Bastion Latitude

Mehdi likes nothing more than advancing issues that matter. With over 12 years in strategic planning, research and experience design, he has contributed to a significant number of communications campaigns, corporate decisions and policy making steps on topics as diverse as climate change, gambling reform, family violence and private health insurance. Mehdi blends strong qualitative insight and quantitative flair to provide directional advice in tandem with data. Mehdi holds a Masters in Marketing from ESCP Paris/Berlin and City University London as well as a certification in Strategic Planning from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.


Building a social endorsement of older Australians

Co- Presenter- Shae Ffrench

16% of the Australian population were aged 65 and over at the 2016 Census. While this may sound relatively low, this represents a significant increase from the 5% of the first Census in 1911, and ABS demographic trends indicate continued ageing of the population over the next decades. Ageing is already creating dramatic policy and communications challenges for governments, most notably in the areas of retirement and health. Yet, most of the audience research presented at marketing and communication conferences tends to investigate millennials. Our seniors’ voice, as important as it is, is rarely present: without data, how can marketing and communications units communicate with confidence and authority?

In this presentation, Shae Ffrench and Mehdi Khallouk, Research Directors at Bastion Latitude, propose to help plug that gap through a triple pronged study, where you will find out about the key biases marketers, policy makers and millennials are guilty of when communicating with older Australians and from older Australians themselves how best to engage with them.

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