Mandy Prowse

Mandy Prowse
  • Title: Primary Research & Data Design Analyst
  • Company: ABC


Mandy has been responsible for bringing the voice of audience to life for over 15 years. Working as a researcher in some of Australia’s largest media organisations, Mandy brings together a unique blend of creative and analytical capabilities to enable audience-driven decision making at all levels. Mandy is a highly skilled quantitative researcher, cross-platform media specialist, facilitator and visual storyteller that delivers strategic insights on the behaviours, perceptions and needs of all audiences. As a true advocate for progress, Mandy continuously delivers significant, positive change wherever she goes.



Co-presenters: Robert Barnfield

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s largest public broadcaster, reaching ABC reaches more than two-thirds of the Australian population each week across our 5 Television Stations, 11 radio networks and vast digital offerings. We are operating in an increasingly competitive media landscape; one with increasing competition from global players, digitisation and the responsibility to fulfil on our charter to deliver to all Australians, while constrained by a fixed and reduced operating budget.

To thrive in this challenging environment, our management and content teams need to understand what our audiences think about our content on offer, to ensure we are delivering a point of differentiation in the marketplace. To meet organisation needs we developed the ABC Quality & Distinctiveness Research Program.

Since the introduction of the Quality & Distinctiveness program, we have improved our audience experience with our NPS growing from 32 to 51 and we have commissioned and re-commissioned programming that uniquely serves our population.

At a time when it is difficult to measure success, the Quality and Distinctiveness program has become a key part of the way the ABC understands our audiences.  This program has given our organisation meaningful, actionable results to ensure we deliver to audiences.


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