Justin Connally

Justin Connally
  • Title: Strategy & Operations Leader| Nature
  • Company: Nature

Justin is Strategy and Operations Leader at Nature, a strategic insights consultancy in Australia with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Justin has 20 years academic and commercial research experience during which he has built an outstanding track record of delivering actionable insights that drive commercial outcomes for his clients across a range of industries including technology, FMCG, automotive, services, government and education. Justin has significant experience across brand positioning, brand health and advertising evaluation, innovation and product development and CX. Justin has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychophysiology) and Graduate Diploma (Applied Psychology) from Swinburne University and a PhD from The University of Melbourne.

Breaking the ‘us vs. them’ paradigm in social policy development and data reform.

Co- Presenter- Neale Cotton

The Victorian Government plays a vital role in policy development and service delivery to Victoria. To do this effectively and to deliver to the increasing demands of the Victorian community there is a need to better collect, manage and use the information collected by Government. This information covers almost all aspects of Victorian’s lives and includes highly valuable information both at a personal and aggregate, societal level. The information is used today to better serve individual’s needs and also to understand broader trends and future requirements. However, there are significant barriers in the community to achieving this. People are increasingly concerned of the power of this information in the hands of government and big business. There is clear opportunity for the Victorian Government to deliver better services for individuals and better policies for the community but there is a need to obtain ‘social permission’ to deliver this, through breaking the ‘us vs. them’ paradigm. Our work identified four distinct mindsets in the community, which change and evolve depending on the type of information and context. We revealed what can be done to ‘move’ people from one mindset to another, with the aim of positively engaging the Victorian community.