Joyce Van Dijk

Joyce Van Dijk
  • Title: Account Director| Colmar Brunton
  • Company: Colmar Brunton

Joyce joined Colmar Brunton in 2018 after having spent years pioneering innovative qualitative research in Europe and Australia. Joyce has a MSc degree in sociology with a specialisation in consumer behaviour and economic psychology, something that always forms an integral part of her thinking. She loves contextualising business realities with consumer perspectives, providing actionable recommendations that are easy to understand and to apply to decision making. Being a true believer in qualitative research Joyce likes to start any research project from the bottom up, by having meaningful conversations and understanding target audiences’ perspectives on everyday life. With the right context and clear objectives in mind, she believes the best piece of research is iterative and needs constant reflection. Her research often informs strategic decisions, with in depth insights providing a strong foundation for a consumer centered approach. Joyce’s experience is across both the private and the public sector. In all her work, Joyce closely collaborates with stakeholders and other researchers to shape research designs, ensuring the most appropriate methods and the latest expertise is used throughout projects. Fusing different research approaches and tools, she embraces the use of technology to research more efficiently and effectively.

The blurred lines of social media: when does genuine content become advertising?

Co-Presenter- Fiona Jolly

Joyce and Fiona will immerse you into one of the challenges that Ad Standards is facing: defining the line between social media advertising that is clearly distinguishable as such, and advertising that looks like genuine content. The rise of influencer marketing has added an extra layer of complexity to determining this, as social media influencers distribute content that blurs the line between personal views and commercial content. In the heated competitive space of advertising, the use of influencer marketing offers a way for brands to differentiate themselves and create more ‘authentic’ content. But to what extent does this mislead consumers? In their presentation, Joyce and Fiona challenge you to evaluate some of the material and think about how guidelines and standards could be improved for the advertising industry. The presentation will highlight Colmar Brunton’s extensive research with social media users and the general public, which captured the markers or cues that people use when judging whether something is advertising or genuine content.