James Valentine & HG

James Valentine & HG
  • Title: Acting Deputy Co-Chair Digital Integration & CXO
  • Company: EGSPC

Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee National Subcommittee General Meeting

The Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee (EGSPC) consists of H.G Nelson (Acting Deputy Co-Chair Digital Integration) and James Valentine (CXO – Chief Excellence Officer). They oversee all other committees, boards, councils and governments concerned with Sydney Planning. It’s time to meet the people and explain what’s really happening across the country after the federal election.

Our mission statement makes our aims clear; Heritage Is Constraint, Gambling Is Good, Congestion Is Value. Build it up, knock it down, build it up again. With the federal election coming up, we’re taking the EGSPC mission across the nation, so that the entire country can benefit from our aims and innovative ideas.

As these are general meetings, please bring an agenda item you wish to ask the committee – important federal issues a priority.

*The Even Greater Sydney Planning Committee is a satirical event and no decisions are binding.

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