Garreth Chandler

Garreth Chandler
  • Title: CEO| The Evolved Group
  • Company: The Evolved Group

Garreth is the founder and CEO of The Evolved Group. He has founded succesful research and technology start-ups. He has 24 years of experience in market research on both the client and supplier side and has conducted research in Australia, across the Asia Pacific Region and in the United States.

His clients have included leading Australian and international brands . He has conceived, designed and led consuliting teams to build award winning corporate insights programs for clients including Coles, Bupa, nbn and First State Super to name a few.

Garreth is an acknowledged expert on applied technology in the fields of customer and employee experience programs. His team has developed trully innovative and integrative technologies including voice recogition surveys, advanced text analytics methods and most recently functioning converational AI.

Garreth’s other interest is business development and he recently co-authored a book with leading SME specialist Michael Haynes, Listen Innovate, Grow. Garreth has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Monash University), Post-Graduate Diploma of Management from Melbourne Business School and an MBA from Hong Kong’s University of Science and Technology. He is a customer of the international Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma.

Using conversational AI to transform the delivery of organisational customer insights

It almost seems impossible to believe but the transformational change of organisational customer insights continues to accelerate. Organisations need immediate, consolidated insights across their channels, not a patchwork of individual surveys. Yet consumers are bombarded with requests for feedback and only have so much time. They block unsolicited emails and have stopped answering calls from unknown callers. They’re discerning with how they spend their time and selective about what they say.

In reality, it’s now the customer who is in control of the insights process. They expect more from organisations they choose to deal with and expect relationships anchored in an ongoing dialogue. In this new world, the basic tools used to collect feedback need to be reimagined. A survey is no longer static questions but rather a sentence in an ongoing conversation that focuses on relevant topics and moments.

To fulfil this potential, quantitative and qualitative methods will need to merge through conversational AI. The Evolved Group is well progressed on the AI journey, deploying new technology and techniques to engage in conversations to listen, engage and understand. Our presentation will introduce you to EVE (our Evolved Voice Engine) and share learnings from our foundational work in this new domain.