Fiona Jolly

Fiona Jolly
  • Title: Director, Consulting| Ad Standards
  • Company: Ad Standards

Fiona Jolly has been Chief Executive Officer of Ad Standards since October 2005, following an extensive and diverse career with a number of Australian Commonwealth Government departments. During her career Fiona has combined her extensive experience in regulatory reform with the determination to balance the rights of industry and consumers in the context of minimal or no government intervention.

Prior to her work with Ad Standards she worked with the Attorney-General’s Department with responsibility for censorship policy for films, publications and computer games, in conjunction with the Office of Film and Literature Classification. Fiona managed, at a policy level, the program of reforms to the national legal profession. Prior to the Attorney-General’s Department Fiona had nine years with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) as head legal adviser. While there she led the reform of the Australian Food Acts.

Fiona also held leadership positions in the YWCA for more than 10 years, her last three were as President of the YWCA of Australia. In this role Fiona worked to achieve the YWCA’s mission of enabling women to achieve their full potential. Fiona is currently Vice President of the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS), and Convenor of the Australian Classification Review Board.

The blurred lines of social media: when does genuine content become advertising?

Co-Presenters: Joyce Van Dijk


Joyce and Fiona will immerse you into one of the challenges that Ad Standards is facing: defining the line between social media advertising that is clearly distinguishable as such, and advertising that looks like genuine content.

The rise of influencer marketing has added an extra layer of complexity to determining this, as social media influencers distribute content that blurs the line between personal views and commercial content.In the heated competitive space of advertising, the use of influencer marketing offers a way for brands to differentiate themselves and create more ‘authentic’ content. But to what extent does this mislead consumers?

In their presentation, Joyce and Fiona challenge you to evaluate some of the material and think about how guidelines and standards could be improved for the advertising industry.The presentation will highlight Colmar Brunton’s extensive research with social media users and the general public, which captured the markers or cues that people use when judging whether something is advertising or genuine content.