Erica van Lieven

Erica van Lieven
  • Title: Managing Partner
  • Company: InSites Consulting Direction First

A leader and innovator in the Australian market research industry for over 22 years, Direction First, the agency she started in 1997 joined forces with InSites Consulting in Dec 2017, where Erica is now a managing partner with InSites Consulting. The merger of Direction First with InSites Consulting builds off the extensive depth of the business in Australia bringing new approaches in technology platforms, experience and methods to Australian businesses. It joins, Direction First with InSites Consulting a global consumer insight and collaboration agency ranked amongst the top 100 largest and top 10 most innovative market research players (according to GRIT) and is cheered by the industry with more than 25 international awards. InSites Consulting lifts on the passion of more than 200 dedicated people across offices in Ghent, Rotterdam, London, New York, Sydney, Düsseldorf, Johannesburg and Timisoara (Romania) and can rely on a Global Community Moderator Network of more than 100 people in over 40 countries Erica also has led the way for women in business for more than two decades and is a passionate advocate for the role of women in business and research, having served on the global board of Women in Research for the last 4 years, Erica has been instrumental in the establishment of the WIRe Australian.

Conversational Research, Bots versus researchers

Co Presenter- Stijn Poffe

We are on a mission to bring the edge back to consumer research. We want to be prove how research can be fast, cost effective and scalable – how? By using chat bots to take over the heavy lifting. We are running an experiment to hand over the reigns of a live research project to some very clever bots. We have chosen to explore this in a fight to the death. In this piece of exclusive research that will be presented for the first time, we will be pitting a human researcher with many years of experience up against a piece of technology. Our experiment: a simple A/B test of a real life case from Australia, answering the ultimate question that many across the communications industry are asking themselves: can a bot do my job? Who will win? Will the human bring their emotional perspective, and years of experience to make this project a strong success? Or will the bot use it’s relentless research skills, having no need for a break or a weekend to power through the project in a fraction of the time? In this fight to the death of human vs machine, we will explore a real business case in Australia that puts a human and a chat bot head to head in the ultimate fight to the death. The approach is traditional qual moderation online versus BOT lead moderation, we will be comparing the depth of the insights built in a human versus bot test, using a real client challenge Join us for this exciting tale, and a find out if a bot could one day do your job!