Erica van Lieven

Erica van Lieven
  • Title: Managing Partner and Managing Director Australia
  • Company: InSites Consulting


Erica leads a team of consultants in Sydney who are passionate about shaping the future of brands. With 600+ colleagues across the globe, InSites Consulting is a global consumer insight and collaboration agency ranked amongst the top 100 largest and top 10 most innovative market research players, celebrated by the industry with more than 30 international awards.

Erica also has led the way for women in business for more than two decades and is a passionate advocate for the role of diversity, having served on the global board of Women in Research for the last 5 years.

When not working, Erica, mother of 2 young adults, enjoys cycling, swimming and relaxing over great food and wine with family, friends and her dog at her feet.



Co-Presenters: Stijn Poffé

I’ve never been more convinced that diversity is essential for successful leadership in times of crisis.”

Lloyd W. Howell, Jr., CFO of a Fortune 500 company, summarises what we have all witnessed in the current climate: team diversity unlocks more and better ideas. This may explain why only 14% of companies succeed in accelerating growth and increasing profitability in downturns (Boston Consulting Group, 2019).

At a time when innovation is crucial, we will present the three key principles of the ideation process that many companies miss:

1. Consumer insights at the core: successful innovation is always based on a true consumer insight

2. Diversity breathes creativity: the key to success is sourcing the right people for the right ideas

3. Balancing divergence and convergence: aim for volume then select, prioritize and fine-tune your ideas.

We’ll uncover the power of creative crowdsourcing in generating exceptional ideas through local and global client cases, as well as our own COVID-19 research-on-research challenge. By briefing our 400,000-strong creative network, eÿeka, we set out to help brands prepare for the ‘new normal’ in May 2020, and create a better future in a post-COVID-19 world. We’ll demonstrate the power of intelligent naivety to solve innovation challenges under any circumstances.

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