Emma Tommasini

Emma Tommasini
  • Title: Associate Director| Nature
  • Company: Nature Pty Ltd

Emma is curious by nature, enjoys analysing human behaviour and helping clients to understand the why behind what people do. Emma started her career in professional services research, and brings to the table a wealth of experience that spans from B2C to B2B and Wholesale. She has a unique ability to draw on not only research data but secondary data in to reporting, to provide even richer insight and holistic outcomes for clients.

Emma’s financial experiences spans from working with the ‘Big 4’ banks, to superannuation, brokers and financial advisers, having worked across both strategic and tactical research programs to complex strategic pricing studies. Emma is a graduate of Monash University and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management. Emma also completed her Honours in Commerce, where she achieved First Class Honours for her thesis on facilitating consumer brand forgiveness following corporate transgressions. She is a full member of AMSRS.

Ensuring equitability and fairness in strategic pricing decisions.

Co-Presenters-Ashima Mehta & Elaine Dubost

For many years, AustralianSuper’s admin fee for accumulation members was $1.50 per week. Increasing costs however meant that that Fund had to review their pricing and increase admin fees in 2019. Foremost in AustralianSuper’s considerations for any such pricing increase was the important matter of the fairness and equitability of any such price increases on members, particularly given the diversity of the member base. AustralianSuper’sfirm commitment to being a members first Fund meant that finding a fair and equitable solution for all members was critically important. On top of this, it was important to the Fund that any proposed admin price increase did not have negative implications for the brand’s ability to attract new members, nor the propensity of the business communities’ to select AustralianSuper as a default fund for its employees. Then there was the matter of the need to communicate pricing to members in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The criticality of these issues meant this project had Board-level visibility, and was described by AustralianSuper as one of the largest and most business critical member-related projects undertaken in many years. For this reason, extremely exhaustive and robust research (involving both quantitative and qualitative methods) was undertaken to inform the business decision as to how to proceed in the most fair and equitable fashion. This paper is about how AustralianSuper worked with Nature and The Lab, the method employed, and the lessons learned in how to conduct business critical strategic research in a tight timeframe.