Elisa Adams

Elisa Adams
  • Title: CEO and founder Sprout Strategy and Co-Founder of FutureEQ.
  • Company: Future EQ


Elisa is the CEO and founder Sprout Strategy and Co-Founder of FutureEQ.

Elisa has been at the forefront of understanding human behaviours and using this knowledge to drive business growth for the past 25 years.

More recently she has trained in Behavioural Science at Harvard Business School, using this knowledge to establish new and better methods in market research.

Having studied leading edge ways of accelerating business growth both in Australia and globally, she brings this new thinking to Australian clients.

Today she works with Australia’s leading businesses to deliver transformative growth. Elisa is a passionate crusader of understanding the full human story, using the latest thinking and technology in behavioural economics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to further understand how we think, feel and behave to ultimately provide commercial outcomes for clients.



Co-Speaker: Stephen Prendergast

There’s no doubt that the insights industry faces an existential threat. But oftentimes the problem is framed in an isolated manner, as if insights is somehow separate from the very businesses that need to value what it has to offer. It is important to not lose sight of the fact that marketing itself is challenged. These challenges include a loss of control over “ownership of the customer” and the inability to provide solid business cases for marketing investment.

Insights fits into this broader ecosystem and for it to earn a seat at the advisory table it needs to appreciate what powers participation in the game.

Brand equity promised much in its early days to assist the CMO to demonstrate the value of marketing. A variety of reasons underpin why it has not generally been successfully operationalized.

New methods for brand equity measurement and modelling, however, provide an opportunity to move forward. A variety of case examples sourced in a variety of industries such as fashion and telecommunications will be used to illustrate the ideas.

Importantly, insights is well placed to implement brand equity centric models and in so doing help marketing to justify its value creating role.

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