Dr. Patricia David

Dr. Patricia David
  • Title: Research Fellow| Social Marketing @ Griffith| Griffith University
  • Company: Social Marketing @ Griffith, Griffith University

Dr. Patricia David is a Research Fellow at Social Marketing @ Griffith. Her research interests are motivated by understanding what drives behavioural change. Patricia’s PhD involves advancing the Social Marketing field by taking the first steps toward the development of a Theory of Behaviour Change. Patricia was awarded a Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake her Ph.D. Her work is award winning. Her behaviour change research has won a commendation award in the ESMC conference in 2018 and the Doctoral Colloquium Contribution to Theory & Knowledge Award in the ANZMAC conference in 2016. Patricia has led teams in research projects, working with both quantitative and qualitative approaches. She has previously worked in marketing management positions, and her current work focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of campaigns and social marketing programs across a broad range of social issues.

Changing the way we think about behaviour.

Co-Presenter- Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Societies all over the world face social issues – food waste, obesity, environmental degradation are just some of the challenges we face today. Behaviour change programs aim to create positive shifts in the behaviour of individuals or communities. Our current evaluation practices focus assessments on behaviour, and not behaviour change.

Through applied examples, Patricia and Jason will help you to understand what behaviour change really means, demonstrating the dangers of focusing your evaluation practice on behaviour. We will give you practical suggestions showing you how behaviour change can be better understood and evaluated. After all what gets measured, gets done!!