Dr Con Menictas

Dr Con Menictas
  • Title: Principal| Strategic Precision
  • Company: Strategic Precision


Con is the Principal at Strategic Precision, a full-service market research and advanced analytics practise in Sydney. He focuses on developing bespoke research methods and predictive models for human behaviour, segmentation and develops data mining solutions for big data and loyalty. Con is a quantitative researcher and doctoral supervisor. He lectures in market research, managerial and marketing statistics, price modelling, decision modelling and segmentation, six sigma methodology and statistics, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. His PhD is in measurement theory and applied market research methodology, with particular emphasis on the measurement of brand equity and loyalty, using choice and structural equation modelling to further develop an information economics model of loyalty, for the purposes of predicting market share. His academic refereed journal publications and conference papers span branding, human-machine learning, choice modelling, structural equation modelling, segmentation methods, research methodology, text mining, data mining, health care and psychopathy.


Co-Presenters- Brian Fine & Monica Gessner

AI and Big Data are pretty much taking over important aspects of our lives. However, does this rapid advancement of human redundancy via AI and Big Data, affect the market research industry? The good thing is that AI and Big Data bring automation, which is a welcomed change to free up time and reduce costs. AI and Big Data though pose problems on the issue of protecting private and sensitive information. We illustrate via client feedback the increasing use of non-researchers, which can facilitate an integration of Big Data and Primary Data. This allows clients to access more granular analysis than that afforded by market research with its current ethical constraints! As clients amass more data from a variety of sources, they tend to increasingly use AI and Big Data to predict cross-sell and up-sell, acquisition and retention, and churn, rather than to use market research. This paper examines the developments of AI and Big Data and the likely trajectories that will emerge, which have the potential to affect our industry. We discusses the pros and cons of AI and Big Data and the emerging trends that as researchers we all need to be aware of as we move into a more technologically advanced world.


Co- Presenter-  Paul Costantoura

Australia Day has become a high profile annual battle played out in social and mainstream media over the validity of calling January 26th our national day. The intensity of the debate rises for three weeks following New Year festivities to a crescendo at the unofficial end of the holiday season on January 26th, only to then vanish until same time next year. Pro and anti-advocates from all sides are often armed with research proving the majority of Australians are on their side, creating an impression of discontent that has led advertisers to avoid mentioning the day for fear of brand damage. Our paper looks at the truth about Australia Day based on three years of tracking data and a rigorous values-based segmentation which looks at what it means to be an Australian in 2019 including: our views on diversity; our right to freedom and opportunity; our sense of national pride; our willingness to change; and our respect towards our British heritage vs respect for Indigenous people as the first Australians. The rich picture that emerges provides a unique lens through which to view the Australian population which has broad relevance to any area of social policy, politics or consumer marketing.