Colleen Ryan

Colleen Ryan
  • Title: Partner| TRA
  • Company: TRA

Colleen Ryan has been involved in market research for 40 years. Along with her business partner Wendy Gordon, Colleen founded and grew, The Research Business International (TRBI) into one of the largest research company in the UK, before selling to Maritz. Considered one of the forefathers of modern strategic research, her business spawned the boutique research category in the UK.

Colleen was Chairman of the Association of Market Research Organisations in the United Kingdom.
A sabbatical to sail around the world led to her settling in New Zealand where she is a Partner with TRA, working with research teams to translate insight into strategic plans and ready to execute outcomes.

Colleen is a past speaker at Esomar Conferences, most recently Global Qualitative, Paris, 2016 and has spoken frequently at the UK MRS conference. She has also been keynote speaker at the New Zealand Research Association conference and a frequent speaker and panellist at Marketing events and PWC business breakfasts, covering applied behavioural science and cultural strategy. Colleen is the author of TRA’s manifesto which is an exposition on the importance of knowing people and their motivations and how these insights can help organisations grow and meet their goals.

TVNZ On Demand A success story driven by insights and an Executive willing to listen and act.

Co-Presenter: Kathryn Mitchell

Can broadcast media run faster than a rising tide? We are all obsessed with disruption, having seen sectors turned on their head by disruptors that no one saw coming. But in the TV and B-VOD business, change is more like the slow but persistent rise in sea level due to climate change. We know it’s coming and although we need to act, there is time to put strategies in place to keep ahead of the high-water line.

TVNZ, New Zealand’s leading broadcaster know that to be a part of that future they need to stay ahead of the rising water, so set out on a mission to gain the insight that would lead to actions to secure their future. Insight pointed at OnDemand as a vehicle with the potential to do that. TVNZ OnDemand has grown reach by 95% in the last 12 months, attracted over half of Kiwi Gen Z’s to the service weekly. Time spent viewing is up, and streams are up 163%.

Results like this didn’t happen by accident, it required a clear intent based on some sound listening to and observing of what viewers were doing, thinking and wanting. And the will to act.