Caroline North

Caroline North
  • Title: Research Manager| SEEK
  • Company: SEEK

Caroline is a customer first marketeer with more than 15 years experience, that intrinsically understands the value of insights driven marketing.

Focused on the unique opportunities that marketing research has to add strategic value to a business, she is confident in her abilities as a business partner, to ensure support and maximum impact of her work throughout an organisation.

With a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) – Marketing and Management from Sheffield Hallam University UK, Caroline has spent the last 7+ years of her career at in various senior marketing roles, across research, communications and B2B marketing.

Laws of Attraction – A case study in sharing the love of research (AKA: leveraging market research to enhance customer experience and drive brand engagement)

Laws of Attraction: A case study in sharing the love of research. Seek prides itself on being a data driven organisation that produces meaningful insights and research. Caroline North, Insights Driven Market, Communication & Research Specialist at SEEK will discuss the development and management of the industry leading insight project “Laws of Attraction”. This comprehensive study surveyed nearly 6000 Australian candidates on the drivers that attract them to a role.

The study was developed for the SEEK marketing, sales and client training teams and enables companies, organisations and potential employers to more effectively communicate with candidates, improving job ad effectiveness. Following the success of the study in Australia the research study and role out of insights has been replicated in New Zealand and is currently being taken to market in SE Asia.

This session will explore:

 The development and outcomes of the survey

 The process of translating raw data into a tool that can be used to generate commercial outcomes

 Key challenges of translating this research into commercial outcomes