Brian Fine

Brian Fine
  • Title: CEO | QOR
  • Company: QOR


Brian has extensive international experience in market research, with specific emphasis on internet and advertising research. Brian is currently a fellow of the Australian Market Research Society and QPMR accredited, an Honorary Life Fellow of the International Marketing Institute of Australia.

Brian is a full member of ESOMAR, and for 7 years was the Australian representative of ESOMAR; former president of the Council of Marketing Services Associations and Research Associations; former national chairman of the Market Research Society of Australia , and Past President of AMSRO and currently on its committee, responsible for Quality Standards.


Co-Presenter: Dr Con Menictas / Monica Gessner

AI and Big Data are pretty much taking over important aspects of our lives. However, does this rapid advancement of human redundancy via AI and Big Data, affect the market research industry? The good thing is that AI and Big Data bring automation, which is a welcomed change to free up time and reduce costs. AI and Big Data though pose problems on the issue of protecting private and sensitive information.

We illustrate via client feedback the increasing use of non-researchers, which can facilitate an integration of Big Data and Primary Data. This allows clients to access more granular analysis than that afforded by market research with its current ethical constraints!As clients amass more data from a variety of sources, they tend to increasingly use AI and Big Data to predict cross-sell and up-sell, acquisition and retention, and churn, rather than to use market research.

This paper examines the developments of AI and Big Data and the likely trajectories that will emerge, which have the potential to affect our industry. We discusses the pros and cons of AI and Big Data and the emerging trends that as researchers we all need to be aware of as we move into a more technologically advanced world.