Andrew Therkelsen

Andrew Therkelsen
  • Title: Managing Director
  • Company: The Lab Insight and Strategy


Andrew is the Managing Director of The Lab Insight and Strategy Sydney, and has been finely tuning his qualitative portfolio of skills for 20 years. He was a committee member of the Association of Qualitative Research in the UK for many years where he convened and tutored many courses including moderation, ethnography and digital qual. He is passionate about the future of the industry and evolution of the qual research brand and toolkit.



Over the last century qualitative research has developed and become increasingly sophisticated In fact, much has changed since 1965 when the practice was first operationalised.

Traditional focus groups have changed shape and size and channel; participant savviness around marketing and the general process has increased; and our methodologies have evolved quickly to include online asynchronous and synchronous conversations, co-creation and ‘agile’ design thinking led approaches.

As we face in to the next decade, and with what we have learned during the pandemic, these changes in the qualitative collection method will evolve even more rapidly – more big qual, more online conversations, chat bots, more large scale naturally occurring conversations and AI led text and voice discussions through the likes of Siri and Alexa A reboot of the qualitative method of inquiry, and the qualitative researchers toolkit, is required. This session will explore the corners of what qualitative research is, and how we can thrive as an industry into the future.

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