Dr Alice Hsieh

Dr Alice Hsieh
  • Title: Director
  • Company: Behavioural Architects


As an experienced Behavioural Science practitioner, Alice is passionate about applying Behavioural Science to promote positive behaviour change. Since joining The Behavioural Architects in 2016, Alice has led a number of strategic behaviour change projects with both commercial and government clients.

Notable among these projects is work in the transport space, where Alice and her team has effectively applied Behavioural Science to increasing fare compliance, improving people flow at train stations, and designing vertical transport environments. Alice also holds a professional doctorate in Psychology.



Co-Presenter: Jarrod Calabria

Our built environment is changing. As our population continues to grow and cities becomes more and more urbanised, this increasing density comes with challenges on how to design spaces to deal with issues of people flow, and how to help people navigate the environments more effectively.

These challenges are particularly relevant in the domain of public transport, where new underground stations are being built now, with more to come in the future.  In this presentation, we will share insights and recommendations from behavioural research we’ve conducted over the past year, that combines the power of Behavioural Science with eye tracking to uncover insights about how people navigate around stations. We’ll take you on a journey of how we’ve helped to design guidelines for future stations by understanding how people navigate and by identifying the challenges that exist with more confined and crowded spaces.

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