Adam Rowland

Adam Rowland
  • Title: Founder and Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Company: Better Intelligence

Adam Rowland is the founder and Chief Intelligence Officer of Better Intelligence, a consulting company that he established in early 2018. In this role, Adam acts as a strategic consultant and knowledge broker to help organisations achieve better outcomes through evidence-informed decision-making.

From 2015 to early 2018 Adam led the National Centre for Longitudinal Data (NCLD) within the Australian Government Department of Social Services for 2.5 years, where he oversaw the management of four nationally significant longitudinal studies (including the HILDA survey) with an annual budget of $30 million. In that role he also conducted a major Government review into Australia’s longitudinal data system, and convened Australia’s inaugural longitudinal data conference.  From 1999 Adam spent 13 years in the private sector of the market and social research industry, spanning operations management, consulting and general management. He worked in boutique, national and multi-national firms, primarily conducting research for social and government clients.

Adam is as passionate about maximising the impact of public expenditure as he is about good food, wine, beer and whisky!

It’s hard not to be excited to hear from Professor Mark Wooden about what Australia’s pre-eminent longitudinal survey tells us about Australian society. Professor Wooden has managed the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey since it began in 2001. It has significantly influenced Australian Government policies since then, and its findings have far-reaching implications for all market and social researchers.

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