W4 – Compliance Management

Workshop September 6, 2017 1:15 pm - 5:00 pm

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Norine Cruse


“What are they talking about?”
“They” being the owners of the many and varied requests for information about:
– Corporate governance – whatever that means.
– Ethical business conduct – are they suggesting we are unethical?
– Enterprise risk management – isn’t that about insurance?
– Information security risk management – do they mean back up and virus controls?

Now throw into the mix words about social responsibility, supply chain management, safety and PCBU’s, data security, privacy and responsible employment and it all becomes too much!
In this half-day workshop Norine will try and make interesting, which won’t be easy, and provide explanations, which will be much easier, on what it all means.

Handouts include information and examples on how to address the limitless questions that appear in tenders and other RFIs.
It’s not a fun topic, but with an understanding of key words and the context in which these questions are asked, next time you respond to a tender it may make some sense and will certainly save time.

Norine has worked in the business of compliance management for well over 20 years and owner/director of Lucidity Software designed specifically for compliance management.

Norine is a qualified Lead Auditor of ISO 27001 Information technology and security, a consultant in quality, safety, environment standards including ISO 20252 / 26362 and a Standards committee member [market research].