W2 – The Weird and Wonderful World of Behavioural Economics

Workshop September 6, 2017 9:00 am - 12:45 pm

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WORKSHOP 2:  The Weird and Wonderful World of Behavioural Economics

“…In which Tas will explore why our business has been so reluctant to accept the transformational insights from the world of Behavioural Economics, and then delve into how we can apply everything from “yuk and ouch thinking” to heuristics and framing; from the role of context and the Ulysses Contract to the power of small details ….to every aspect of marketing and comms. Be prepared for some disconcerting weirdness too…”



Tas is a Man of Many Lanyards.

He runs his own training company and is a Course Director for the Chartered institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society in the UK, running courses on Storytelling, Behavioural Economics, Insightment and Creative Briefing amongst others.

He is also a long term Ad Agency planner/Strategist and still freelances with several ad agencies and clients.

He is an Associate Lecturer at London College of Communications, Bucks New University, Nottingham Trent and Beijing Normal Universities, as well as a regular speaker at international conferences, for example keynoting at the Insights Association “Next” conference in New York in May 2017  as well as speaking in Chicago, Shanghai, Hong Kong and across the conflicted and Dis-United Kingdom.  He is the author of The Storytelling Book, the award-winning guide to using storytelling techniques to improve presentations and communication. The book is already on a third re-print.

His next book, “The Inspiratorium”, is due to hit physical and virtual shelves later in 2017.

Tas is also a Trustee of the Phoenix Cinema, the oldest continually-running cinema in the UK, writes and performs occasional comedy and plays tennis harmlessly.