So we now know that the data breach from more than 50 million Facebook users through Cambridge Analytica misusing private and personal information was one of the largest in the history of Facebook. Is this just the tip of a very large iceberg? Data breaches raise concerns about a whole range of issues both present and future – data automation: automated decision making affecting humans; unaccountable robots; excessive and intrusive surveillance; opaque, unreliable or discriminatory algorithms; online echo chambers and fake news.

Indeed, Cambridge Analytica’s own website claims the future is now:

“Our industry-leading data services help you better understand your audiences. Combining the precision of data analytics with the insights of behavioral psychology and the best of individually addressable advertising technology, you can run a truly end-to-end campaign.”

“Validity – Statistically robust market research for insights on business and politics.”

Questions will continue to be asked. How do issues such as this affect our industry’s relationship with our clients, respondents and the general public, and what do we need to know to maintain confidence in our industry?



Ray Poynter, Matt Gibbs and several invited guests will present and dissect four new approaches to research, applying critical techniques to assess which you should be investing time and/or money in and which you should ignore. Join us as we propose and oppose the prospects four hot topics, learn how to better assess the new approach that are increasingly knocking on your door.

The session will help you decide what to keep, what to change, and what to dump.