Nature is a strategic insights-based consultancy with a track record of driving business results for our clients. We are distinguished from our peers by our enviable record of client and employee retention, and are unique in that we work in a highly nimble and agile way – yet with the benefits of scale. We take a customised approach to all of our work, placing the client at the heart of everything we do.

Over our 11 year history, Nature has developed a reputation for providing our clients the clarity they need to embark on business and marketing decisions with confidence. Whilst we conduct virtually all types of research, we are particularly well known for our quantitative capabilities – drawing on primary, secondary and other sources of data. Ours is a unique team of highly analytically adept consultants who are also able to speak Plain English and the language of our clients – that of business, marketing and communications issues, not ‘stats speak’. While our team comprises people from different backgrounds and disciplines, we are bound by our adaptable working style and relentless client focus.

We are firm believers that a close consultative and collaborative working relationship with our clients yields results. This is about taking the time to understand precisely why we are being asked to help, then developing the right research-based solution to the matter at hand. At its heart, this is about listening and seeking to understand first, and then designing around the need.

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