Collaborative. Creative. Concrete

Lewers is an experienced, forward-thinking research company dedicated to providing our clients with the insights they need to make the right decisions for their business. At Lewers, we don’t work for you, we work with you. In the true spirit of partnership, we collaborate to work towards shared goals.

We are creative at our core and innovation is in our DNA. Our focus is global as we seek out and engage leading-edge technology solutions that allow us to analyse and predict results with an unprecedented level of depth and accuracy. We find the thrill of discovery addictive.

Purple Patch is our own consumer consulting board of over 5,000 engaged participants and the centre of our fast response capabilities.  It was created from our clients’ needs for faster quality answers and our desire to have our own hothouse environment to test new approaches.

The purpose of research is not just to deliver numbers, but to provide real insight. We craft meaning from data and provide concrete solutions that address business objectives. We arm our clients with genuine, relevant and outcome-focused insights based on robust, intelligent analysis and critical thinking.

At Lewers, we deliver, because we love what we do.