Kapiche is a powerful, world’s-first text and sentiment analytics tool that will change the way researchers, companies, governments, marketers, advertising agencies, research companies and business analysts approach and interpret unstructured text data.

According to IBM, data is being created at a rate where it will soon be doubling every 12 months! Around 80% of this data is unstructured in nature (e.g tweets, emails, open-ended survey responses). In a world of data and information overload, one of the major challenges/opportunities is to efficiently unlock and interpret the decision-making power of large-scale unstructured text data.

This is what Kapiche does, in a way that facilitates better decision-making. It is a do-it-yourself software-as-a-service platform that uncovers the main topics to be found in a large body of text, the inter-relationships between those topics, and foundational determinants.

By identifying both the topics within conversations and the linkages between them, Kapiche provides an unprecedented level of drill-down into unstructured data for real understanding of the underlying narrative. The fact that it does this in real-time is the reason for the excitement.

Bring your own unstructured text data file to our booth at the conference and see it in action for yourself (with your own data).