TEG Insights

TEG Insights

TEG Insights (formerly TEG Rewards) now integrates one of Australia’s most responsive consumer panels and market research capabilities with TEG’s own behavioural data set to establish a new standard in consumer research and segmentation.

At the heart of a dynamic group of businesses, TEG Insights is leveraging innovations and technologies across analytics, data science and digital. With responsive consumer panels and industry expertise, TEG Insights delivers quality analytics and research services at scale.

Why we are different:

  • Ownership of the largest active consumer panels in Australia and New Zealand
  • Managing a specialist consumer panel representing young families and new mothers
  • Highly experienced market research and project staff
  • Innovation in custom panel management, customer analysis and segmentation
  • Capabilities in passive metering for the analysis of real-time behaviours across digital devices
  • Enriched consumer data, including transaction variables, psychometrics and DPIDs
  • Dynamic profiling using more than 200 individual and household variables
  • Online fieldwork, including sample, scripting, hosting and data processing

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