Survey Design and Analysis Services

Survey Design and Analysis Services

Survey Design and Analysis Services

Arbutus | QDA Miner | Stata | Stat/Transfer | WordStat

Survey Design and Analysis Services is the official distributor for StataCorp, Provalis Research, Arbutus Software and Circle Systems in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. We distribute software, books and training to businesses, government organisations, not-for-profit agencies, universities and personal users.

Convert data into information, knowledge and wisdom

Stata by StataCorp

Leading researchers rely on Stata for its power, speed, ease of use and breadth of statistical features. Produce defensible analysis using proven techniques. Stata has the functions and features to help you achieve more with your data. It is popular among data-driven marketing and business research professionals as it provides all the statistics, graphics, and data management tools needed to pursue and answer a broad range of marketing and business questions.

WordStat and QDA Miner by Provalis Research

Qualitative data analysis tools for coding text or pictures, annotating, searching, exploring and extracting information from small or large collections of documents and images. Desktop based advanced content analysis and text-mining. Extract meaningful insights from surveys and focus groups, matched with categorical or numerical data.

Stat/Transfer by Circle Systems

Fast, efficient and accurate transfer of data between applications, eliminating the laborious process of manually transferring data.

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