QOR [Quality Online Research] is a quality focused online consumer and business panel company:


-ISO 26362 [online panel accreditation]

-ISO 20252 [market research]

-ISO 27001 [in progress-audit booked]

-Mktg Inc audited [consistency accreditation]

-AMSRO membership

-ESOMAR membership


Our commitment to representing the population and client target groups, has resulted in working with geoTribes [for over 8 years] to tag our panel with geoTribes ,and quota and weight our online panel sample to the Census by geoTribe segments.]


This provides an additional level of rigour, over and above basic demographics of age and gender within State!

Utilising physical address [Socio Economic Status indicator] and Age [Life Stage] it validates our sample, adding almost a psychographic element to ensuring representativeness and consistency [for tracking].


Additionally, all data can be analysed within geoTribe segments providing the opportunity to conduct and track targeted surveys for:

-tracking studies [advertising, NPS, brand, CS,CX], concept testing, pre-testing, pricing research, Choice experiments.]

-ad hoc studies [including U&A studies, segmentation studies]


In summary, the partnership of QOR and geoTribes results in well sampled panel and actionable analysis for clients!


Contact Brian Fine [0408672754],Sej Patel[0416252853],office  02-9418-2824



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