Let us, let you, do what you do best.

As a market researcher, you want to concentrate on what you do best, finding insights.

And valuable insights come from reliable data, based on quality fieldwork.

We provide quality fieldwork, so let us help you.

We can take the stress out of your project by looking after your fieldwork.

Let us help make your job easier. Let us focus on samples sizes, screeners, and call backs, while you focus on finding the meaning in the data.

For over 40 years ekas has been helping researchers, by providing quality fieldwork services. We cater for all field, data processing and analysis needs, no matter how small or large.

We do….

  • Online
    • Scripting for over 15 years, seamless data production, max diff and con joints, everything is scripted in house at our Sydney office – no overseas outsourcing
  • Sampling
    • In house panels
      • Medical panel, with over 40,000 medical professionals.
      • Patient panel, for full spectrum 360o medical research.
      • Consumer panel,
        • main source for all qual recruiting.
        • over 60% recruited off-line – we have real people, who we see regularly, in person.
      • Access to almost every panel provider in Australia and New Zealand, we can choose the right panel for you.
    • Recruitment,
      • for anything, depth interviews, focus groups.
    • Group Rooms,
      • we have 3 group rooms, and a secure large garage for car clinics, all in our Crows Nest office!
    • CATI,
      • B2B, Consumer, Customer Satisfaction
    • Shopper Intercepts, Sensory, F2F, Exits
      • all done on mobile devices
      • we script, or you can
    • Analysis, cleaned data files, Q ready files, table production, complex data
    • Data entry – yes, we can still organize Hard Copy fieldwork and Paper surveys
    • Coding


Let us help you. Let us do your fieldwork, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Contact; Ross Trewartha; ross@ekas.com.au; 02-8415 7427

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